Our in-house kits are Sony Z1s. We can also provide custom kits to suit client preferences and needs.

Veteran cameraman Tim Alipalo is Sugar Mountain Media's frontline cameraman, sound technician and editor. It's not uncommon for Sugar Mountain to be servicing more than one client at a time. So when Tim is already booked, we are able to provide clients with crew from our extended team of dependable, skilled cameramen, soundmen and assistants who have proven to deliver to our high standard of service.

Veteran journalist Melissa Alipalo is exprienced with on-air interviews, coordinating interviews and securing materials to complete your story. Melissa has been involoved from script to screen with Sugar Mountain Media's independent projects, including producing, directing, writing and editing through to the final cut.

Sugar Mountain works on a project-basis with some of Manila's top commercial animation agencies and video graphic artists.

If you are needing documentation of an event or project, Sugar Mountain can also help in drafting, reviewing or finalizing your video concept and script to ensure a smooth post-production.

We can advise on selecting online music for purchase or in producing original score.

Key Clients

Since starting our own broadcast services and production company in 2006, we have expanded our clientele to include major international news outlets, international development agencies, nonprofit organizations, commercial clients, independent documentary filmmakers, and academic researchers. Here are the few clients we've been proud to work with over the years.

  • UNICEF (2011 - current)
  • Philippine Community Fund (2010 - present)
  • World Health Organization (2011 - 2013)
  • Greenpeace (2006 - 2010)
  • IFAD (2013)
  • DWTV (2011 - 2013)
  • APTN (1994 - Present) * Staff Cameraman (1994 - 2005) ; Freelance Cameraman/Broadcaster Service Support/Editor (2006 - Present)

Demo Reel

Published on Aug 11, 2015

The drug trade in the Philippines is growing so much that even Mexican dealers want a piece of it. One of the suspected leaders of the Sinaloa cartel was arrested in Manila earlier this year after selling $272,000 worth of cocaine to undercover agents. But there are allegations the drug trade is thriving because corrupt officials are in collusion with drug lords. Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports.

Published on Jul 19, 2015

When Typhoon Ketsana struck Manila in 2009, causing $1.09bn in damage and 747 deaths, it captured headlines and a flurry of emergency aid. But extreme flooding now appears to be the new normal in the Philippines, which was battered by so many storms last year that they exceeded the letters in the alphabet. Climate change and environmental degradation have increased the frequency of flooding along the Marikina and Nagka rivers, with evacuations disrupting daily life in the capital for months of what's become an annual flood season.

DRESS maker Herbert Chavez has transformed himself from scrawny to superman - thanks to 13 surgeries to make him look like the comic book hero. The 35-year-old from Calamba City, Phillipines, has had nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and even bum implants to become a real-life Clarke Kent. Herbert first fell in love with the super hero - famed for his red cape and 'S' logo - when he was five-years-old while watching him on TV. Over the past 30-years he has splashed around 300,000 Pesos (£4,400) on his obsession - the average hourly wage in the Phillipines is a meagre 90p. Herbert regularly takes to the streets around his home dressed in full Superman costume, with his hair gelled in distinctive fashion. He aims to teach kids good morals while also brightening their days. Herbert also owns the world's largest collection of Superman memorabilia totalling 5,000 pieces - including three life-size Superman statues.

Videographer / Director: Tim Alipalo
Producer: James Tegerdine
Editors: Joshua Douglas, Ian Phillips

Published on Feb 19, 2014

The Philippine island of Panay is dotted with rice paddies, fields and meadows, but little forest land. Typhoon Haiyan has changed that: now, trees are planted to protect humans and nature against storms.

VIDEO: UNICEF correspondent Anja Baron reports on how public elementary schools are taking the lead in promoting proper hygiene practices in the Philippines.

GUIMARAS ISLAND, Philippines, 12 October 2012 -
Schoolchildren in this small, hilly province in central Philippines may just have a new favourite 'subject' - hand-washing and tooth-brushing - which is now included in their daily curriculum. In recent years, teaching elementary school children the habits of washing their hands with soap and brushing their teeth with fluoride has been an ongoing campaign of the Philippine Department of Education.

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LAAK, Philippines, 26 March 2013 - Three-year-old Bartolome Mantog is sitting up - the first time he has done so for days. He has just been given a bath, and he is wrapped in a t-shirt and towel. He sits propped against a piece of luggage in the district hospital bed.

The little boy shivers and pulls up the towel to cover his badly swollen and sore legs, picks up a toy truck and makes bulldozer noises.

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About Us

Sugar Mountain Media is a media consultancy service based in Manila, Philippines. It is managed and serviced by Tim and Melissa Alipalo, a Filipino-American cameraman-writer team. Our cumulative experience in international news gathering and feature work allows us to provide a diverse menu of services. Our experience traveling, living and working in developing countries and with development organizations adds a depth of understanding and interest into the work we do in Asia.

After 11 years as a cameraman and video editor for the Associated Press – Manila Bureau, Tim moved on in November 2005 to start Sugar Mountain Media (formerly Alipalo Productions). He has worked in 17 countries, including month-long, embedded assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Prior to AP, he worked as a fulltime stringer photographer for Reuters. In 1990, he won Reuters Picture of the Year. The contents of his portfolio are as varied as Muslim insurgencies and ministerial meetings, hostage crisis and fiestas, presidential overthrows and peasant life, refugees and religious rites, Ebola and elections.

Melissa is a journalist, writer, and social development specialist. She was born in the United States and has lived in the Philippines for 14 years. In the U.S., Melissa earned seven state and national awards, mostly from the Associated Press for her documentary features. After backpacking in Southeast Asia in 1999, she moved to the Philippines to refocus her career on international news gathering and writing about poverty. She has since earned a master’s degree in social development, taught sociology, written for the Associated Press, USA TODAY and San Francisco Chronicle, and worked as a writer, editor and media consultant with international development organizations.

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